Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ze babelfish has a question. One that has long perturbed her tech-retarded soul. She has tossed and turned and pondered long and hard and unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion herself she has decided to throw the question open to the blogsphere. Or at least those blessed, beloved individuals of the blogsphere who occasionally drop by ze fishbowl.
Yes well, this question, or to be precise this insoluble mystery of mysteries which has long bemused, befuddled and bamboozled the phishy mind is this....
What is phishing?
More importantly how does one report it?!!
And why does one report it?!!!

Those who have no clue what this phishy is talking about should now turn to that Great God of Little-Geeks, namely GooGLe.

Googleshwar incidentally is a charming thing. When it's not being an utter pain in the virtual ass of course.
One of the less charming things it did in the past was to introduce a direct chat option, without the polite invisible setting.
But that is inconsequential.

What perturbs the fishy soul is that everytime she gets a mail she is faced with a number of reasonable options such as reply and reply to all, some moderately unreasonable ones like show original and message text garbled and the truly unreasonable report phishing.

And much as bably would like to believe her reputation precedes her to the extent that google forewarns it's several million users against her this is obviously not a feasible option. Happy thought, but impossible.

So what eet eej??

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