Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Imagine fishy bedroom. Fish struggling to rise at some unearthly hour of the morning, ten o’clock probably. Enter The Father.

Father Fish : (deeply suspicious tones) Are you going to college now?

(suspicion dear reader is the one thing which always turns the fish off and jump starts her bad sensayuma)

Babelfish : (exaggerated sigh) No Dad. I’m going for a movie.

Father Fish is deeply perturbed at this bewildering announcement. Exits room muttering to himself. Bably almost collapses back into sleep. Almost that is.

Re-enter Father Fish : Kon hall-e? (which hall are you going to?)

Bably sighs. Realizes sleep is not happening anymore.

Babel : Dad it’s a new hall. It’s called JUDE. Jadavpur University Department of English.

Father Fish exits room wildly relieved. Re-enters in five minutes, just as Bably has decided it would be so much nicer to just go back to sleep.

Father Fish (having thought up wildly witty retort in the five minutes) : Hero ke? Dr. Abhijit Gupta?

*erm, yes well, explanation…dad remembers the names of four of my professors …the man who is god (because I talked of him all the time at home as well as on the blog, dhuh!) the divine brother-in-law (who is generally very famous) dr gupta (because they share the same name) and umm never mind the fourth, let’s just call him dr bleep bleep.*

Bably : Uh no. Actually it’s Dr Bleep Bleep.

For once wit isn’t a problem. The father jumps in his place and declares : Oh tahole toh flop show!!


Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ei 'divine b-i-l' case taa ki?


7:47 AM  
Anonymous Srin said...

hain, plis tell.

10:44 PM  
Blogger babelfish said...

srin win : case ta holo, he is brother-in-law of godly person therefore he is divine b-i-l...if you cannot guess who godly person is you haven't read my blog before :(

11:56 PM  

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