Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Methinks mayhap the moisture in the atmosphere has percolated into my already rather soggy cerebrum...feeling highly sentimental about some rather unlikely things....

Like the fact that every reunion with my closest school-mates is an endless litany of "remember"... We grew up together, lives linked inextricably, so much so that between the three of us we shared two boys - which sounds terribly crude and complicated but actually seemed heart-breakingly simple at that age of not-quite-innocence, but rather adoloscent immaturity... That we have memories to discuss is presumably indicative of the fact that we had things to talk about then, heaven knows what's happened in the here and now....At any rate we retain the ability to spend hours giggling hysterically, which makes for rather entertaining disruptions to the overwhelming boredom of enforced nostalgia..... call coming through....why do people have such fabulously erratic senses of timing....the one call I've been waiting for, has to disrupt my singular moment of sensible (in the Austen-ian sense alone) sentimentality....


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