Thursday, August 25, 2005

hmmm.........I'm too happy to crib......this despite the fact that I have tons of things to crib the fact that I have a test tomorrow (again) and I am unprepared (erm ,again) and instead of studying I'm merrily squandering away all my precious time (needless to say, again) and also just about every bit of my body is groaning away to glory be if I so much as move to breathe!!! This be inevitable outcome of
a) going up and down a ricketty step ladder eighty times
b)dropping to my knees at the sound of a gun, or to be more precise about five hundred times
c)slapping a young man twenty times ( if you're wondering how he is, he's fine. At least he said he's fine, but my palm hurts so badly!!!)
This also be the inevitable outcome of being grossly out of shape and over-weight....glump glump (that be sound of plump person going glub glub)

Unfortunately I just realized this getting to sound increasingling like cribbing......good grief, have I become such an inveterate veteran cribber that even when I'm happy I sound like I'm cribbing.....naheeee!!!!!!!!

but happy i am........


Blogger Teleute said...

err, what exactly were you doing that involved all that climbing and slapping and stuff? it sounds most interesting. do you need any help with the slapping?

12:51 PM  
Blogger babelfish said...

my debut in the world of movies..Stardom and Oscars here I come!!! Actually it was a three and a half minute one-shot take for a project by some friends of a friend in SRFTI..intersting it was, and my interest was compounded by the fact that I picked up a grand for this strenuous but enjoyable experience :D and I managed the slapping perfectly, thank you!

1:11 PM  

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