Saturday, February 10, 2007

i really should remember this....

Went to sleep at almost 3 last night with a slight headache (this by the way is what happens when I restrict myself to one joint and one drink...traumatic really!) Amazingly woke up by 9.30 (which is insanely early by my standards). And since I couldn't exactly leave the house at 10 am and expect to return at 10.30 pm(!) spent the morning on the net, trying to weed out unpublished drafts from my blogger dashboard.

I've had this fragment of a post saved as a draft since 29th June 2006; I figure I might as well publish it rather than delete it. Especially since I've hunted it out often enough in between to remind myself of the words. I forget the exact context though, or at least it's not important for the world to know.

*sad she*
he : you're too sensible to be sad because of what people say
snap out of it!
do not disappoint me!

Somehow it worked and the memory of it still works. Good stuff really...gratitude and wuv to he who said it :)


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