Wednesday, September 21, 2005

At the present moment I am feeling most disgruntled with unreasonably negotiable Bengal Taxi Driver's Association. In the past I have faced cabbies and whether I was righteously demanding my change back or playing at damsel-in-distress pleading to be rescued from torrential downpour, these cabbies have always shown that they are men of steel. With a firm, frequently disdainful, glance they have said "no". And to add emphasis they have sat there and vehemently / sagely / sadly / apologetically / angrily shrugged their shoulders and waved their hands and heads and generally implied that what I wanted was impossible. But what happens when the transport minister gets into action? BAH!!!!
Where is all that iron which seemed to be permanently embedded in their soul? Are these men or lily livered transporters of living flesh??!!!!

tone changes from righteous anger to sheer anguish........why oh why oh why did they have to cancel the taxi strike tomorrow?!!!! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! Now I shall have to write this test.

And the erstwhile departmental head, being what she is, has threatened to proceed with the test even if there are only ten people in class. I ask you, what sort of logic is this? What about the remaining fifty-five?? What if all those present are men??? What if only the women turn up???? What if there are more men than women and the carefully preserved sex ratio of two girls to every boy in our class is undermined!!!!!

Of course I might not go as far as calling the examiner a "spiteful malicious tormentor", as other people, hem hem, have. After all she does have a bit of an axe to grind with our class........
hehehe......... not an axe so much as a thirty foot long extremely sharp weapon of destruction perhaps.....for those who know not why she doesn't like our class in's a bit like this.....our class happens to be filled with bright of them within the very first month of college told her "nobody wants to do your class" and another one in third year just before the exams went and quite condescendingly informed her that "we were willing to do her classes now"......on the first occasion I am informed she was struck speechless.......on the second all that pent up excitement and agony of three years erupted.......I was there........*shudder*........not what one would call a pretty sight.

Ye gads!!! why am I still here? All the class has by now read the sixty odd chapters of.........that bloody-god-awful-mammoth-chunk-of-pomposity........erm........of the text........or at any rate they've all read the convenient little summaries on the net.........I have also been online for the past three hours, twenty seven minutes in the hopes of reading the afore mentioned summaries but erm......well.....sigh.........

I'd rather be reading the Imperial Blandings Omnibus for the n-th time anyway (n greater than 1, less than fifty).........who in their right minds would prefer to read a doddering, victorian, soporific writer of unwieldy tomes (useful only in bashing errant boyfriends' heads) over good ole pelham ?!!!! Even the Duke of Dunstable would be less potty than that!!!!!


Blogger cass said...

apprently its a classic.
go figure.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Krishanu said...

never ever is there a strike held when you need one! maybe it's just probability's way of telling us who's boss...

like one of murphy's various laws (the only laws that hold good nowadays): the other queue always moves faster ;D

5:19 PM  
Blogger Teleute said...

oye! how did exam go eventually?

10:25 PM  
Blogger Bhooter Raja said...

What exactly happened when someone told skm that he/she was willing to do her classes?

11:19 PM  
Blogger babelfish said...

cass : the exams over, screw it :)

krishanu : my life is probably a practical application of murphy's theorizing....thanks for visiting :D

teleute : over is over, one does not enquire further :D

bhooter raja : She took two minutes to register what was said.
Then she took another five minutes to realize all the implications.
Then she sucked in her breath. and exploded.
there were bits of plaster from the ceiling all over the floor when she finished with us

Does that answer your query :D

11:54 PM  
Blogger Bhooter Raja said...

I am more interested in what happened after she exploded.

I want to hear the juicy bits :-)

10:03 PM  

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