Tuesday, September 06, 2005

mistakes i have made in the recent past:
a)trying to be funny
b)posting when inebriated/stoned/hallucinogenic/morose/ecstatic/confused
c)trying to be funny when posting in any of the above states
d)indiscriminately referring to people as my best buddies for which older best buddies get very upset
e)trying to clarify with older best buddies and thereby annoying other best buddies to no end
f)generally trying to be funny through it all
g)projecting myself as intense/emotional/kind/sympathetic/nice (though heaven alone knows how I managed to do any of that)
h)this is the recurrent point...trying to be, yes you got it, funny

me is feeling not only like drama queen but sadly misunderstood one as well...and i hate egotistic men who think that just because you give them about five minutes of your time, you're in lo-o-o-ve with them...you need to roll your tongue when saying that to get the full impact...when I do fall in lo-o-ove with someone, I am very well capable of telling them so myself, thank you and I do not not and not need sundry scattered members of either sex assuming that i'm on the verge of committing suicide out of love-lorn despair, thank you very much!!!!


it better be obvious still said...

Heh, I'm just trying to picture you as a swooning Victorian damsel and really, even my fertile imagination is not upto that task. I will let your transgression upon my being-friends-first right go on account of effective flattery and will grant you allowance to refer to other beings as best buddies in loco amicus me. Got that? Wasn't that clever? In loco amicus me, because of course in loco parentis would be inaccurate and completely puzzling and really, there should be a single word for the phrase "the friend that is me". In other news, my room is currently neat and clean and an absolute joy to behold. And there's a tree right outside my window. And my computer works. Also, I intend to buy a powerbook G4 *drool* and that will completely gut me. Because it is freaking EXPENSIVE. But so hot. Not that I lust after inanimate objects. Oh no. Not at all... damn, I think I might have a problem.
Also, awww. Poor baby, if it's any consolation, I think you're funny. Maybe not exactly when you're aiming for it and sometimes when you definitely are not trying to be funny, but I do, so you're not a complete failure.
You do realise that you have only yourself to blame for my comments since if you hadn't told me about your blog I never would have burdened your blog with huge comments or poked fun at you :P I shall desist now and leave you be and return to my darling photoshop. My website is all new and shiny and I bet you haven't checked it in the last few weeks so go, and help me show off some more.

Srin said...

Oh,you're not nice...ok,I'll remember that.

babelfish said...

srin : *thank you* for getting the point of all that ranting :(

ibboss : oy, you been learning latin or somehthing behind my back missy?!!!
Clever you always are, hot also (in summer at least) and I cannot ever be a complete failure with a friend like you...there, more blatant flattery :D
Also I have checked your website fairly recently, so hah!! Can I link it up to my blogsite or at least shamelessly advertize it???

ibboss said...

a good way of learning latin is to read sometimes forgettable fiction and watch stargate. No really, I am not joking. But that is not the point. The point is that sure, you can link to it and/or advertise it. Speaking of and/or, should it be sufficient to simply write and/ since / stands for or? And hot in summer but not anytime else? Although taken literally, that is a good way to compliment someone without actually complimenting her since everyone is hot in summer, as opposed to winter, when everyone is cold. I have a perfectly good reason for my ramble, it's almost 2. am that is, not pm, in which case my drowsiness would be strange and laughable. Also, have you ever had random yahoo messages from guys with way too many repetitive syllables in their yahoo ids who want to "make friendship" with you? Except that the making friendship was not exactly the only part, there seemed to be implicit hopes of future makings of a very different kind. Man, my yahoo profile might say I'm female but I could be 70 years old for all they knew. I would have thought that an A R Rehman yahoo group is not exactly equal to a "Hi, I'm an Indian girl in a different country and I want to meet an Indian guy to marry" but that's what it seemed to translate into. Not that that little piece of fun fact had any point. It is after all 2 am. And do you also realise that my cleverly chosen comment id abbreviates to I am the boss, albeit with bad grammar? I like it. And finally, is one of the three people I know at JU any one of the commenters on your blog? In which case, hi, remember me?

babelfish said...

Sweetums, it doesn't abbreviate to i am the boss, it is however nearly perfect as "i be boss" :D
Also hot in summer, explicitly, because i've hardly seen you except in summer for like the last three years, and this summer i didn't even see you, waaaaah!!!!!!
And I cannot be bothered about and/or but you could be telling these yahoo buggers to kill them selves and/or go to heel, tee hee..
if by the three people you know, you mean the three who were at your house one day (?) the answer would be alas, no...
miss mortmain should figure out who you are and the dimpled sphinx, considering I have been pining away for you very audibly before them....tee hee, more flattery...don't you like me ;D

babelfish said...

*hell, not heel, stupid typo :D [cheesy grin]