Tuesday, September 06, 2005

within the past twelve hours I managed to verge on the brink of regaining my sanity, prevented myself from doing so, of course, and then proceeded to mess up so badly that I won't be able to straighten out things in the next twelve lifetimes.....quite commendable considering I spent a good eight hours asleep, therefore it took four hours to accomplish incontrovertible damages to a lifetime, erm, actually make that two lifetimes.......who'm I kidding? It didn't take four hours......it took approximately thirteen minutes of hoarse whispering on the phone....I needed to be vehement and SCREAM, alas parents were in the next bedroom......
I wish these blasts from the past would never happen.......it's a bit like killing vampires, really......you stake them and pour holy water all over them and reduce them to ashes and think you're well rid of them, and then a few centuries later, someone comes along and drops one drop of blood in the wrong place and they're back! (this isn't original either, it's swiped from pratchett) anyway that's what the past is like....it just keeps coming back to bug you at all the wrong times......
so there I was with my life nicely sorted out and the phone starts ringing......a bit like The Ring I suppose, in which case I'm due to die in seven days.......which all considered wouldn't be an entirely terrible thing! But no, no then the only person who finds my blog funny would be bereft of a best friend.......fear thee not ibboss.......I shall not die........
ain't I melodramatic?!!!


Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Your being cryptic is not very nice, though barely tolerable.

Why add incoherence?
(Oh, all right, it's really the cryptic bit that's annoying me)


2:21 PM  
Blogger babelfish said...

Which particular tale from the crypt do you wanna hear?
And incidentally don't you think that between calling me kochi,ungrammatical and unspellatical, cryptic and now intolerable you're not being particularly nice.....when all I'm asking for.....gasp gasp.....is a little sympathy.....nah...all troubles partly resolved I shall tell all...in some future post ;D

10:05 PM  

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