Sunday, September 04, 2005

spent a constructive evening at home, guzzling beer and smoking navy of those rare days, when one is not on the verge of penury and can afford to indulge.....also parents not at home...glory be!!! And I found my answers!!! Strange that I didn't realize it before, the final answer to the greatest question in the universe is quite obvious really.....if any one in the midst of their personal soul-searching should be interested, the answer is FORTY TWO.....of course I haven't found the question yet, but well one has to stop somewhere short of being a know-it-all!!!


PH said...

Yes. Yes. I agree. Know-it-all's are everywhere. But long live 42!

monku said...

glad ur out of ur blues :)

babelfish said...

ph :D

monku : thank you, it has much to do with ur comments