Wednesday, September 07, 2005

these incessant, intermittant, unendurable little aggravations in my otherwise joyous life have got to stop!!! how am I supposed to crib about the thousand and one inanities that fill up my life if I spend day after day after day going crib, crib and crib about examinations........and all bloggers past the stage of exams be warned that if I see one smug comment I shall personally trace you to the remotest corners of the world and....err.....and.....and do something nasty!!! do you call this a life?!!!

also this tendency to repeat my self has got to comes of talking to moronic imbeciles and reading alliterative poetry......not that I'm actually suggesting all morons are poets or all poets are morons…….although.......achha na, I will refrain from commenting on this one.......though i will mention that the last time I wrote poetry was probably class seven.......I leave the world to draw its own conclusions, tee hee.........


Blogger Dreamcatcher said...

Awww i totally sympathise. After a point i keep thinking why are we meant to study all this drivel, why is SMC so terrible, why do we have to give eggjams at all..
best of luck..

12:16 AM  
Blogger DD said...

even if i havent past that exams stage, but buhahahahahahahaha!

9:15 PM  
Blogger babelfish said...

dc : we be all drowning in the same boat....we can't get rid of eggjam's but maybe we could burn a certain lady's might induce her to retire and keep future ju-ites fom hating Keats :(

dd : if you're not careful, young man, I shall rag your brother to death someday :D

10:25 PM  
Blogger Teleute said...

ei, i really badly want to steal shobha's file. count me in, please...

8:48 PM  

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