Sunday, September 18, 2005

"morning comes and morning goes with no regrets
evening brings the memories I can't forget"
which proves Don Mclean be a lovely singer with excellent metrical sense but no clue as to reality!!!

cos when you go to sleep at 3.30 AM after a brilliant trip on a great, fat, self-made (patting meself on the back) jay, you wake up in the morning cranky as least I did.

spent first part of morning yelling at adoring worshipper who just wanted to let me know how beloved I am.....which was extremely unfair of me but I was too busy being depressed to hear other people waxing eloquent about my non-existent virtues........AAAAARGH!!!! Plus I get claustrophobic around people who want me more than I want them (tragic reflection on my's an endless litany of A wanting B who doesn't want A but wants C who in turn doesn't want A or B but D......oh, never mind!!)

Still the morning brought one epiphanic revelation........I realized (oh glorious day) what the perfect career is for me(!!!!) I shall be........hold your breath for this one.........I shall be......fanfare on trumpet.........
a potato peeler! ! !
Oh, I can just see myself rising like a shining star above all other measly potato peelers of the world......and my post-grad degree (if I ever get it) will be immensely apt for a future in spuds........after all if Van Gogh could find the perfect expression of his aesthetic sensibilities in potatoes, so can I!!!!!

also it shall be most appropriate revenge on parent who made me peel potatoes all morning when I wanted to do other, better sleep......I shall show her, I shall do nothing but peel potatoes in future, hah!!


Blogger Soumik said...

go ahead! show the world! you have my best wishes...

12:05 AM  
Blogger babelfish said...

soumik : thank you! it's always so encouraging to have moral supporters :D

11:46 PM  

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